GANENDRA is an electronic journal which provides a forum to publish an original result of research and development in nuclear science and technology, published twice a year in January and July, by Pusat Sains dan Teknologi Akselerator - BATAN. The article is published via "double-blind review" process (neither the referees nor the authors are provided with the names and the details of each other) by neutral reviewers, each of them is an expert on their respective field.


ACCREDITED  RANK 2  by  ARJUNA  in 5 (five) consecutive years:

Volume 19  number 2  of  2016   until   Volume 24  number 2  of  2021.



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Focus and Scope

The scope of this journal covers experimental and analytical research in nuclear science and technology, composed of nuclear physics, atomic physics and plasma, accelerator, reactor physics and technology, nuclear instrumentation, nuclear chemistry, analytical chemistry and process technology, radioactive waste processing, radioisotope, material science and technology, and isotope and radiation utilization in industry, medicine, and environment.