Ayu Jati Puspitasari(1), Ika Cismila Ningsih(2), Muhammad Sulthonur Ridwan(3), Halim Hamadi(4),

(1) Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology, Indonesian National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)
(2) Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology, Indonesian National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)
(3) Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology, Indonesian National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)
(4) Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology, Indonesian National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)
Corresponding Author


The planar scintigraphic image usually has poor resolution and contains noise. This noise can be removed using the coiflet wavelet method so that the image quality gets better. This coiflet wavelet method is a noise reduction method based on frequency analysis. The planar scintigraphy image is the reconstructed image of the gamma radiation count data (phantom with the Cs-137 source in it). The original image is 15×15 pixel. Before the de-noising process, the image went through an interpolation process, which is to increase the pixel size of the image. The original image enlarged to 70×70, 480×480, and 1200×1200 pixel. After de-noising with coiflet wavelet, the image quality is measured based on MSE and PSNR parameters. The resulting images are quite good, with MSE values are close to zero and PSNR values of more than 60 dB. The smaller the MSE and the bigger the PSNR, is getting the better the image quality. In this study, the results show that the 1200×1200 pixel image has the best quality. It means that the image enlargement process has a good effect on the de-noising process, especially if the original image has a low resolution.


coiflet wavelet; de-noising; MSE; planar scintigraphy image; PSNR


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