Reference Style

For easily writing list of references in your article, Tri Dasa Mega has provided a style for the journal. Please follow instructions below for installing it in your Mendeley or EndNote.

Installing TriDasaMega.csl in Mendeley Desktop:

  1. Run your Mendeley Desktop Application
  2. In the menu bar, click: View – Citation Style – More Styles
  3. In a Pop-Up Window, click: Get More Styles
  4. In the field: Download Style type:
  5. Click: Download
  6. Click: Done
  7. If your installation is success, TriDasaMega – Julwan Purba should be in the list style of your Mendeley Desktop.
  8. How to check:
  • In the menu bar, click: View – Citation Style – More Styles
  • See list style, you should found TriDasaMega – Julwan Purba
  • Check style TriDasaMega – Julwan Purba to use it in your article.

Installing TriDasaMega.ens in EndNote:

  1. Download file TriDasaMega.ens
  2. Copy the file and paste it to folder: Styles in the directory where EndNote is installed.
  3. Run your EndNote application
  4. In the menu bar, click: Edit – Output Styles – Open Style Manager
  5. In a pop-up window, look for style: TriDasaMega and check it to activate it in your application
  6. Close the pop-up window
  7. Check style TriDasaMega in: Edit – Output Styles to use it in your article.