Sensing Properties of ZnO-SWCNT Hybrid Nanostructure Coated on Flexible Substrate for CO2 Gas Detection

Aisyah Nur Estri(1),

(1) Ahmad Dahlan University
Corresponding Author


We report sensing properties of functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes (f-SWCNTs) deposited on the flexible substrate of silicon (Si)  and polyethylene tereptaphalate (PET).  Deposition of f-SWCNT  on Si rubber and PET surface was conducted by applying different manner  of  spray coating and dip coating  techniques, respectively. Surface modification of f-SWCNT by ZnO nanostructure layer were applied by hydrothermal process.The research study  were conducted to know the effect of substrate material and ZnO structure on the f-SWCNT surface which embedded in those flexible polymer substrates. The results reveal that f-SWCNT on Si substrate (f-SWCNT/Si) do not have a good  response in gas sensing performance. In meanwhile  f-SWCNT on PET substrates (f-SWCNT/PET) is more sensitive about 1.6% with 3s in response.  ZnO structure layer modifying the surface structure of f-SWCNT enhance the sensitivity and responsiveness of the sensor with sensitivity of 4.1 % in 2s response after CO2 injection. Effect of bending treatment of the sensor and its stability were further investigated. Morphological surface of f-SWCNT network and crystal structure of ZnO and f-SWCNT were also observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction, respectively


Gas Sensing Properties ;Functionalized SWCNTs ; Flexible Substrate

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DOI: 10.17146/jsmi.2022.24.1.6679