Lalu Suhaimi(1), Akhmad Herman Yuwono(2),

(1) Sumbawa University of Technology
(2) Teknik Metalurgi dan Material, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia
Corresponding Author


NANORODS ZnO THIN FILM PERFORMANCE AS TRANSPARENT HEATERS. Transparent heaters have been used for various applications. In this research, a transparent heater made from ZnO nanorods has been successfully fabricated. ZnO nanorods were produced by using the chemical bath deposition method.The results of the XRD investigation showed that the ZnO_0.015 and ZnO_0.025 samples contained three and five ZnO peaks, respectively, with a hexagonal wurtzite crystal structure. The crystallite size increased along with the increase in the solution concentration from 71.198 nm to 82.924 nm. The morphological characterization of the samples using FE-SEM showed that ZnO_0.025 sample had a better surface covarege than ZnO_0.015 sample. The average diameters of ZnO_0.015 and ZnO_0.025 are 127.130 and 146.756 nm, respectively. The transmittance value decreased along with the increase of solution concentration which is from 55% to 53%. The value of the band gap energy decreased as the concentration of the seed solution increased from 3.25 eV to 3.20 eV. The resistivity values of ZnO_0.015 and ZnO_0.025 are 1.126 x 10-4 and 0.824 x 10-4Ωcm, respectively. From these results it appears that ZnO_0.025 sample has a more optimal performance as a transparent heater compared to ZnO_0.015 sample.


Nanorods ZnO; Transparent heaters

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DOI: 10.17146/jsmi.2022.23.5.6395