Luqman Satria Pradana, Utari Utari, Suharyana Suharyana, Azizul Khakim



Thorium Molten Salt Reactor-500 (TMSR-500), one of the Generation IV nuclear reactors, is designed by Thorcon International, Pte. Ltd, which is projected to be built in Indonesia. The reactor core is radially surrounded by B4C shielding, but not the upper part. As the silo hall sits above the reactor core and is accessible by reactor personnel, the dose rate must be calculated in the area to ensure the workers receive an annual dose below the acceptable limit. The dose rate from neutrons and photons as the result of fission reactions are the only sources to be calculated in this research, without taking the source from fission products into account. This research aims to obtain the dose rate distribution of neutrons and prompt photons using Monte Carlo code MCNP6. The reactor was assumed to operate at a nominal thermal power of 557 MWth. Dose rate calculation was obtained from flux Tally F4 and converted into dose rate using Dose Energy Dose Function (DEDF) factor. Conversion factors of flux to the dose were based on ICRP-21 and ANSI/ANS-6.1.1 1977. The result of the calculations showed that the distribution of neutron and prompt photon fluxes does not reach the silo hall.

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