Lily Suparlina, Tukiran Surbakti, Surian Pinem, Purwadi Purwadi



Shutdown system in RSG-GAS reactor is using neutron absorber. There are 3 kinds of absorber material in research reactors including Ag-In-Cd alloy, B4C, and Hf. In this works, analyses of different neutron absorbers on the main safety core parameters in the RSG-GAS research reactor are selected for analyses. Their integral effects on the main neutronic core parameters important to safety issues are investigated. These parameters are core excess reactivity, shutdown margin, total reactivity worth of control rods, PPF and neutron flux . The RSG-GAS core silicide fuel is selected as the case study to verify calculations. A three-dimensional, four-group diffusion model is selected for core calculations. The well-known WIMSD-5B and Batan-3DIFF reactor codes are used to carry out these calculations. It is found that the largest shutdown margin is gained using the B4C; also the lowest PPF is gained using the Hf material. The maximum point power densities belong to the inside fuel regions surrounding the CIP (centre irradiation position), surrounded by control fuel elements, and the peripheral fuel elements beside the berrylium reflector. The greatest and least fluctuation of the point power densities are gained by using B4C and Ag-In-Cd alloy, respectively.

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